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Typical patients that may qualify for these studies will have some of the following factors:

Age: 18 and older

Diagnosis: Type 2 diabetes with Stage III to IV kidney disease

Medications: Oral diabetes medications like metformin or Actos. Injectable medications like daily insulin (basal and/or bolus) or once weekly injections.

Hemoglobin A1c: Typically, these studies require a hemoglobin A1c to be between 7 and 11%. We do have studies that have no lower limit for healthy diabetics to enroll too. It’s okay if you do not know your current A1c number. Contact our office to see how we can help figure out what your A1c is.

Type 2 Diabetes Studies

Diabetes is one of our specialties. We conduct clinical trials for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. We have extensive experience in conducting these trials and our staff’s knowledge is second to none about diabetes and the clinical trials we conduct.

We conduct several clinical trials simultaneously so we are always looking for a variety of diabetic patients taking a variety of medications. Please contact our office by completing the form on the registration page, calling our office or click on the chat link below and get answers immediately.